Our kindergarten enrichment program is designed to “wrap around” your child’s first public-school experience and we tailor it to your child’s kindergarten schedule. Our enrichment activities include lessons in science, literature, art and math as well as physical activities for young children. Transportation to or from school is included in your rate. Two nutritious snacks are served daily. Brown bag lunches are provided by parents

Educational Support Program (PLSD Hybrid Learning)

The PLSD has decided to start the 2020-21 school year with a Hybrid model of in-person / virtual learning. Little Tigers has a custom designed program called Educational Support where your child can spend their 3 virtual days with us as well as before and after school care on in-person school days.

Our staff will help monitor your child’s progress in completing their schoolwork. We will provide a consistent daily schedule of learning periods. Groups size will be limited to small groups.

We will provide the necessary assistance to gain access to their schoolwork. It is important that your child work to complete their assignments in a responsible manner in order to stay up to date in their educational experience, so they are fully prepared when returning to full day classes.

We will offer curriculum enrichment activities in art, science, literature, math as well as appropriate physical experiences.

Two nutritious snacks are served daily. Brown bag lunches are provided by parents.

Transportation to and from school is included for your child’s “face to face” school days.